Dr. Beth Harleman named Master Clinician in UCSF Dept. of Medicine

We are thrilled to share that Beth Harleman, MD, from our Division of Hospital Medicine/Women’s Health, has been named a Master Clinician this year in the Council of Master Clinicians! A remark from her nomination comments that “In reflecting on Dr. Harleman’s attributes as a clinician, I am struck by the number of times I have heard trainees say that she is exactly the doctor they aspire to be. That may be the highest praise one can offer, and those who follow her example make the world a better place.”

Seventeen years ago, our department established a Council of Master Clinicians — faculty members who are sought out by patients, peers and trainees for their diagnostic reasoning, clinical skills and desire to acquire and share new knowledge, as well as their ability to provide compassionate, equitable care to all patients. Essentially, they are the “doctor’s doctor” – someone you would send family members to.

This year’s Master Clinicians also include: Leslie Miya, MD, VA General Internal Medicine, Nirav Bhakta, MD, PhD, UCSF Health Pulmonary, Hope Rugo, MD, UCSF Health Hematology/Oncology, Steve Hays, MD, UCSF Health Pulmonary Transplant)