ZSFG Division of Hospital Medicine Faculty Development

The goal of the San Francisco General Hospital Division of Hospital Medicine (DHM) Faculty Development Program is to provide new and established faculty with the clinical, educational, leadership, and scholarly skills needed to promote excellent patient care, academic productivity, and job satisfaction.

We aim to:

  1. Support and grow individual faculty interests.
  2. Ensure group members are viewed as experts in the care of vulnerable patient populations.
  3. Ensure timely academic promotion/ advancement.

Program Offerings

Division of Hospital Medicine Noon Conference

Every Monday, our faculty can gather, converse, and enjoy a sense of community on a regular basis. Weekly noon faculty development conferences focus on activities in the domains of clinical care, academic advancement, quality and safety, medical education, health IT, and health care administration. Choices of topics are often informed by needs expressed by faculty or division priorities for the academic year. Conferences also allow the opportunity for DHM faculty to meet subspecialty attendings or hospital administrative staff, with the goal of increasing familiarity, promoting collegiality, and encouraging free exchange of ideas across specialties and disciplines.

Work in Progress Sessions and Scholarship Consultations

WIP sessions are meant to increase scholarship within our division and foster a sense of academic community. We have a diverse array of academic interests within our group, so WIP content can be broad- from feedback on the study design of your randomized controlled trial, to an educational small group curriculum you want to try, to an opinion piece you want input on, and everything in between. Content presented at WIP can be near complete project or early exploration of an idea. The principal goal is to help advance your academic work. WIP sessions occur on the fourth Monday of every month and are facilitated by our co-directors of Academic Development & Research, Oanh Nguyen and Anil Makam.

Three Site Faculty Development Bootcamp

Each year, we orchestrate a half-day Faculty Development Bootcamp for new hospitalist faculty at UCSF Health, San Francisco VA, and ZSFG. We offer a range of faculty development topics, including clinical skill development, leading change management, understanding advancement, and a division chief mentorship panel. The day also offers an opportunity for new faculty to network with hospitalists across sites.

Coaching Program

New faculty members will be assigned an explicit faculty coach upon enrollment in the DHM. The coaches will be experienced hospitalists (3 or more years on faculty) and pairings will be based on shared interests and availability. The purpose of the faculty coaches is to support and guide new members of the division, allow new faculty a recurring opportunity to discuss challenges and needs during their early career, assist new faculty in navigating early career advancement at UCSF and connect with others who share professional interests. The program introduces and reinforces the importance of mentorship within academic and non-academic medicine careers.

Peer Feedback Survey

The goal of this program is to provide a format for giving and receiving confidential, peer-to-peer feedback in a respectful fashion. An online survey will be sent in the second half of the academic year to clinical faculty with blocks of questions for each DHM faculty member that spends time on FIS services. Responses focus on clinical care and professionalism.

Division of Hospital Medicine Chief Meeting

Each faculty member is expected to meet yearly with the Chief of the DHM, to review the components of their position, ensure understanding of funding sources, discuss job satisfaction, and set goals for the coming academic year. Online pre-work is sent by the Department of Medicine in advance of the meeting.

Yearly Division Retreat

The DHM began a yearly, off-campus division retreat in 2013 as a means to bring the DHM closer together, build camaraderie, set strategic priorities, identify common goals, and assess needs. The purpose of the retreat is to ensure a shared vision for success in our division with regards to patient care, community presence, academic advancement, and hospital medicine leadership. Yearly division awards are presented at the retreat.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training

The School of Medicine offers all-day workshops focused on training faculty in DEI skills including education on implicit biases and micro-aggressions, coaching in skills related to addressing these issues, and training in how to apply thoughtful, active listening and empathy to support a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. The Department of Medicine has set a goal of having all faculty complete this training. Information about the session and enrollment options can be found here.

Additional Recommended Trainings

Campus Council on Faculty Life- Faculty Development Day: A one-day event that provides resources to build community and enhance faculty life at UCSF. Includes plenary sessions, workshops, and informational resources that are relevant to faculty at all career stages. Information and registration can be found here.

Buprenorphine Training: Our division has placed a priority on ensuring our members have the opportunity to receive their X-waiver that allows for buprenorphine prescribing on discharge. The training is typically a four hour in-person session with online prework. In addition, there is now an 8 hour online training offered independent of our institution; details can be found here.

A3 Thinking Workshop: This two-day workshop focuses on understanding Lean methodology as it is used at ZSFG for quality improvement. The workshop is run through the on-campus Learning Center. Details of the program and future enrollment options can be found here.

ZSFG Department of Medicine Conferences

Morning Report: takes place every morning from 7:45-8:30am and facilitated by the chief residents. Faculty are always welcome/ encouraged to attend. Currently being run remotely.

ZSFG Medicine Grand Rounds: takes place noon to one every Tuesday and organized by the chief residents. CME credit available.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference: takes plan noon to one every Wednesday and is lead by the chief residents. Currently being run remotely.

Department of Medicine Grand Rounds: takes place noon to one every Thursday and is organized by central administration at UCSF main campus.