Support Our Work

Financial Donations

Your donations will help to provide support for patients and families in some of the most difficult hours of life. 

By providing simple comforts, such as food, personal care items and linens to facilitate overnight stays; music; literature related to coping with advanced illness; bereavement resources; and more. Contributions to the program are facilitated by the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. In order for your gift to be directed toward our work, please include the designation "Palliative Care Program" (under "Please direct my gift" select "Other" and then type in "Palliative Care Program").

THANK YOU for supporting our work!


Volunteering with Us

Many of our patients do not have visitors during the day, either because family members live far away, or are unable to take time away from work or other responsibilities.  As a result, many patients must face difficult, life-threatening conditions by themselves.  Volunteers help to provide important companionship and support for these individuals, bringing dignity and relief through attentive listening and companionship.  No special skills are required to be a palliative care volunteer.  For most volunteers, hospital orientation and screening, as well as training in health information & patient privacy will be required.

What roles do volunteers play in assisting the Supportive & Palliative Care Service?

There are many different ways to support patient care, and the Palliative Care Program Director would be pleased to help you find ways to serve that are meaningful and comfortable for you.  Some of the possible roles include:

  • Visiting patients (for example, engaging them in conversation, reading to them, playing music, or just sitting silently with them)
  • Assisting patients in life review exercises (recording stories, writing letters, making phone calls, creating artwork)
  • Taking patients for a walk (or brief trips out of their rooms)
  • Bringing patients food, personal care items, art supplies, etc.
  • Updating the palliative care program database
  • Assisting with graphic design projects (such as formatting patient and family educational materials)
  • Assisting with program website design and maintenance

How can I apply to volunteer?

Contact the Volunteer Services Department at ZSFG: 415-206-7708.